A good start…

My sister has a rather active social life. At 14 she seems to spend more time on the phone than in face-to-face conversation. It wouldn’t surprise me if during breaks at school she and her friends all sat in different corners of the oval having a multi-way chat on their mobiles.

This being said she doesn’t always enjoy conversations with her friends, she finds being on youtube or creating FanFiction stories much more entertaining. So I have become her number one excuse for having to leave a phone call. During a conversation she will hold up a sign that reads B: L, you need to clean the bathroom. I then proceed to call out said line. She will normally then retort with, “I’ll just be another 10 minutes. She will then come to me in another 5 minutes holding up a new sign. No, L, now, otherwise you won’t do it at all, and then I will have to do it. Mum will be angry so just get off the phone. I think all her friends now think of me as a tyrant, not that I really mind, playing the bad-guy is always more fun. I think L should start paying me for my work though; I am still unemployed after all. When I told her this she just looked at me and laughed, my unemployment seems to be of great amusement to everyone. One of L’s friends called that afternoon; L mouthed an “I’m not here” when I picked up the phone. “Oh sorry,” I said, “L, can’t get to the phone right now, she’s had diarrhoea all afternoon, all I can hear is funny noises coming from the bathroom, I don’t think she is able to speak to anyone.”

L looked at me appalled and wouldn’t speak to me for the rest of the afternoon, we have now come to an agreement though, I get 1 dollar each time I lie for her, it’s not my ideal employment but it’s a start.


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3 responses to “A good start…

  1. L.

    uh oh lets hope you do not get K in trouble!
    love L.

  2. annibanani

    bahaha im very proud of u 🙂 i wish i had a sister

  3. T.

    Dollar for every lie huh??? You would make a great lawyer.. I’ll be in touch! 🙂

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