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It appears that connections are everything, whether it is how many friends you have on facebook or how many people you follow on twitter. I have come to the conclusion that to successfully be independent, you need to be well connected.

However I’m not really a social butterfly, my friend K is. She knows absolutely everyone, if you have even met anyone; I’ll bet you ten dollars she has met him or her first. Actually scratch that, I don’t have ten dollars.

This thought first occurred to me when my friend “J” messaged me about putting a job application in at a local club. Apparently the manager went to our old high school and if I mentioned this, he would probably give me an interview.

A similar thing happened with my friend “M,” who is now the Manager of a shoe store, you can imagine my delight when he offered his help. Knowing, “M” meant that I was immediately given an interview at a store at a different location. All I had to do was profoundly and tediously flirt with him, which was a small price to pay considering it is “M” and my preferred method of communication anyway.

After having tried on 7 different pairs of shoes, I had finally decided on the perfect, “look at me, I am well presented, professional, but still fashion forward enough to work here” outfit I was ready to take one the world, one shoe store at a time.

My interview went as most interviews do. The manager asked me questions and I gave the 5 star answers:

Mangager: So why do you want to work at ____?

B: I love working with customers and I have always found the service here amazing and I would really love to be part of such an amazing customer service team.

B’s head: Shoes, Shoes, Shoes. I get discounts on shoes.

As the interview progressed I started to pull out my favourite lines:

“I always try to go above and beyond to ensure that a customer’s shopping experience is a positive one. I always get a sense of satisfaction knowing that I have served a customer well and to the best of my abilities. I love working in retail. It’s my passion.”

A film director would have hired me immediately. Not to say that everything I said isn’t completely and utterly true. It’s just ever so slightly altered.

Wish me luck.

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