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I’m sitting in one of my lectures, however you wouldn’t know from reading my notes. My notes look more like Doodle101.

As I look at my professor, waving his arms around like a windmill, trying to arouse our attention, I realize I have absolutely no clue what he is saying. It’s not until he asked the class a question (this I only noticed because the tone of his voice seemed to go higher at the end) that my brain switched on. Despite this I still had no possible clue as to what the question was. Luckily I’m not the only one. Everyone looks as if they have just woken up, blinking, startled. No one answers.

Alas, my professor does not give up his enthusiasm, he answers his own question and the entire class sinks back into their seats.

He really could be talking about anything and we would all sit their nodding in agreement, wearing glasses with painted on eyes. It’s not until he raises his voice at the end of a sentence that the class jumps up like meerkats, as if they had suddenly been electrocuted.

I know that even when we don’t pay attention we take things in subconsciously, a guy called Bob told me that on a hypnosis CD. The CD was meant to help me fall asleep but his monotone voice telling me “to relax more and more with each breath I take” just agitated me more.

I hence justify not listening, by believing my subconscious will know everything and that hopefully when it comes to exam times my subconscious will flop out of my brain and into my answers. If it doesn’t, I’m blaming Bob.

It takes the whole class a while to register that the lecture is over and as we do we all begin to stir and stretch. I look over at my friend who appears to be drooling onto the armrest. My first thought is to wake her, but then I remember her telling me once that she sleep talks rather loudly and often about quite embarrassing subjects; try fitting orgasmic, submarine, mobile phone and feathers into the same sentence and you’ll know what her last sleep conversation was about. I decide to leave her there. At least the next class will have a more interesting time than me.

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